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近日,美国杜克大学教授Philip N. Benfey及其研究团队发现根分生组织生长因子1(RGF1)通过ROS信号控制根分生组织的大小。该项研究成果2019年12月4日在线发表于《自然》。




Title: RGF1 controls root meristem size through ROS signalling

Author: Masashi Yamada, Xinwei Han, Philip N. Benfey

Issue&Volume: 2019-12-04

Abstract: The stem cell niche and the size of the root meristem in plants are maintained by intercellular interactions and signalling networks involving a peptide hormone, root meristem growth factor 1 (RGF1)1. Understanding how RGF1 regulates the development of the root meristem is essential for understanding stem cell function. Although five receptors for RGF1 have been identified24, the downstream signalling mechanism remains unknown. Here we report a series of signalling events that follow RGF1 activity. We find that the RGF1-receptor pathway controls the distribution of reactive oxygen species (ROS) along the developmental zones of the Arabidopsis root. We identify a previously uncharacterized transcription factor, RGF1-INDUCIBLE TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR 1 (RITF1), that has a central role in mediating RGF1 signalling. Manipulating RITF1 expression leads to the redistribution of ROS along the root developmental zones. Changes in ROS distribution in turn enhance the stability of the PLETHORA2 protein, a master regulator of root stem cells. Our results thus clearly depict a signalling cascade that is initiated by RGF1, linking this peptide to mechanisms that regulate ROS. RITF1, a newly identified plant transcription factor, links signalling through the peptide hormone RGF1 to the balance of reactive oxygen species and thereby enhances the stability of another transcription factor, PLETHORA2, a master regulator of root stem cells.

DOI: 10.1038/s41586-019-1819-6